Accessible Entrance

$ 25

  • Exterior ISA Symbol
  • Braille EXIT sign

Business w/Restroom

$ 125

  • Exterior ISA Symbol
  • Braille Exit Sign
  • Unisex Restroom Braille Sign
  • Unisex Geometric Door Sign

Deluxe Business

$ 360

  • Exterior ISA Symbol
  • Braille Exit Sign
  • Men's & Women's Braille Restroom Signs
  • Men’s & Women’s Geometric Door Sign
  • Van Accessible Parking Sign
  • Tow Away Sign

8 out of 10 ADA lawsuits include violations referring to signage required at businesses. These are typically the cheapest and easiest to remedy ahead of time and reduce the risk of being hit by a lawsuit.

The current California regulations require a braille sign on the wall next to a restroom door and a geometric symbol on the door. Missing either one will be considered “non-compliant.”

Being able to exit a business safely is critical in an emergency.  Exits that have steps or ramps must be signed appropriately to help people with mobility challenges find their way out.

Non-compliant parking signs are too often easy targets for ADA lawsuits.  California has extra signage requirements.  If not aligned correctly, the parking stall cannot be considered “accessible.”

An extra sign is required in California with specific language, sizing, and lettering. There are so many existing signs that do not meet these requirements. Having a 100% compliant sign be the first sign on the property is absolutely critical.

Interior signs that label rooms or spaces are required to have tactile elements. Individuals with visual impairments cannot navigate a business without these signs. The placement of the tactile signs is equally important.

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