Avoid Costly ADA Lawsuits

We help business and property owners discover possible ADA violations & how to fix them to reduce their chances of being sued.


Finding ADA compliant signs is a daunting challenge. Most businesses are missing or have outdated signs. Our signs are 100% guaranteed to meet Federal ADA and California CBC requirements. We take the hassle out of searching through online stores looking for the right sign, and eliminate the risk of wasting money on a sign that looks great, but still isn’t compliant. Choose from the typical bundles that apply to 80% of small businesses, or contact us to create a custom bundle for your business.

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Our mission is to help business owners navigate through the complicated ADA law and building codes, and learn what areas of their business need to be updated.. We have scoured through thousands of ADA lawsuits to find out where most businesses are deficient, and what common barriers are used in litigation. Our findings are summarized in a 13-page pamphlet, provided to anyone for free!


We know there is a mountain of regulations in the Americans with Disabilities Act to red through to figure out what your particular risks are. The ADA Helper online app allows business owners, Attorneys; and even CASp’s with a comprehensive tool to assess accessibility compliance. The app is based on the ADA code sections and is built to be flexible for any type of business. Facility photos and reference custom sketches can be added to customize the report. Business Owners can use the tool to create a self-assessment to reveal their risks. Attorneys or Designers can use the comprehensive searchable code reference to stay current with regulations. CASp inspectors can use the checklist tool to prepare CRASCA compliant CASp Reports.

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California ADA Lawsuits

In recent years, California businesses have been at risk of ADA lawsuits. These lawsuits end in payment of plaintiff damages, attorneys fees, and unplanned facility improvements. Any business that has a facility used by the public has two options to deal with ADA regulations.

Option 1: Negligence

Do Nothing


Hit by ADA Lawsuit

Damages $4,000 min.

Attorney Fees

$4,000 +/-
Subtotal $8,000 +/-

Pay for Unplanned Improvements Immediately

$2,000 +/-
Grand Total: $10,000 +/-

Option 2: Prepared

ADA Assessment


CASp Certification

Subtotal: $2,500

Plan ADA Improvements

Within Your Budget & Timeline

Reduce Risks of Lawsuits

Investment of $3,500 +/-
Savings of $6,500 +/-

Find a Local CASp for Your Business

We’ll introduce you to a CASp in your area that specializes in property accessibility.


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