R H A B P 8 In January, 1993, Arnold formed a 50-50 partnership with Na onal Magne cs Corpora on in Adelanto, California, to produce so magne c wound core products in a wide range of industrial, commercial and military electrical and electronic equipment. The joint venture company was named Na onal-Arnold Magne cs Company, and is located in Adelanto, California, in a new 40,000 square foot plant. All of its wound core products are sold by Arnold Engineering Company's marke ng and sales organiza on. In June, 1996, Arnold purchased Flexmag Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of flexible bonded magnets, from Dynacast Inc. along with the assets and business of Dynacast's injec on molded magnets business. The Marie a, OH facility is referred to as Flexmag East In July of 1996, Arnold acquired Swi Levick Magnets Ltd. Of Derbyshire, England from Outokumpu Oy. Swi Levick is a major European manufacturer of Cast Alnico and Samarium Cobalt permanent magnets. This acquisi on provided the opportunity for Arnold to consolidate its Samarium Cobalt produc on and to expand into European markets. In March, 1997, Arnold announced the acquisi on of RJF Interna onal's bonded magnet business located in Cincinna , Ohio. The business was subsequently merged into Flexmag Industries facility in Marie a, posi oning Flexmag as the largest manufacturer of flexible bonded magnets in North America. National-Arnold Magnetics Flexmag Industries, Inc. Swift-Levick Magnets, Ltd.